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Four young students pose together

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

St. Rita School welcomes you to what we hope will be the best beginning possible. The purpose and objective of the St. Rita School Pre-Kindergarten program is to provide three and four-year-old children with a developmentally appropriate program designed to stimulate and nurture their spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional growth, relative to each child’s unique personality and learning ability. The program provides opportunities for learning in a loving and caring environment where children can explore, discover, question, and succeed.

In the three-year-old program, the primary focus is to welcome the children, build self-esteem, foster a positive interest in learning, and develop social skills that will prepare them for the four-year-old program.

The goal for children attending the four-year-old program is to acquire the learning and social skills that will prepare them for successful transition into kindergarten.

Both the three-year-old program and the four-year-old program provide large group, small group, and individual instruction.

The St. Rita School Pre-Kindergarten program follows the educational standards set forth by the Archdiocese of Hartford, Office of Catholic Schools.