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St. Rita School
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School Lunch

Eating a high-quality, nutritious meal is important for a healthy mind and body. We are happy to offer delicious hot lunch options for our students daily.

Lunch Information

Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase hot lunch on a monthly basis. You can find monthly school menu forms at the side of this page. Please return your child’s order form to the school by the stated deadline; we do not accept late lunch forms.

Students may purchase milk on a yearly basis. Beverages from home must be in an unbreakable container.

To lessen the risk of an allergic reaction for students with food allergies, we ask all students not to share food with anyone. For students with food allergies, we provide a specific table for eating lunch. Parents or guardians of students in grades three through eight may opt to have their child sit at a lunch table that isn’t specifically designated for students with food related allergies. Parents must submit a form for this option.

Hot Lunch Program

Our hot lunch program is now up and running. We will be doing online ordering for all orders to ensure accuracy with the orders and to make the process as easy as possible for everyone. Check out our hot lunch program here to learn more. Order lunch online today, it's simple and easy.

Please contact Erin Carmody with any questions regarding our Lunch Program.