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St. Rita School
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Co-Curricular Activities

We believe that participating in co-curricular activities enhances the academic experience and creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie. We offer a large selection of activities and clubs for our students to get involved in. There's something for everyone.

Our co-curricular activities help provide opportunities for students to develop the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, judgment, leadership skills, self esteem, problem solving, and physical and mental skills.

  • Annual School Play - Open to students in grades four through eight. It provides an opportunity for those interested in performing in front of an audience or who have a desire to be part of the production working crew. Being a part of the play will help students to develop dramatic skills and creativity.
  • Choir - Students in fourth through eighth grades can participate in the school choir. The choir practices every Monday after school until 3:30 p.m. The choir sings at school Masses and at community activities such as the Holly Berry Festival at Sacred Heart Academy. They also sing at the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.
  • Crusader Club - The SRS Crusader Club is designed to help promote and welcome visitors to St. Rita School. We train the Crusader Club students in becoming student ambassadors for various events throughout the school year, including open houses, Welcome Days, Shadow Days, and outside school events.
  • Culinary Club - Culinary Club is an after-school club available to students in fourth through eighth grade. Students will learn the fundamentals of cooking and baking in a fun and safe environment with Miss Erin! Each session will focus on a different cuisine.
  • Paleo Knowledge ClubWhat is paleo-knowledge? It is the study of dinosaurs and early animal life during the 248,000,000-10,000 B.C. Students investigate different dinosaurs and animal life from the various eras of time and discoveries by paleontologists during modern time. This club competes in Yale Peabody’s Annual Paleo Knowledge Bowl.
  • School Band and Instrumental Instruction - Provided through Future Musicians, Inc. 
  • School Yearbook - Students in grades six, seven, and eight learn journalism skills, basics of computer layout and design, and the essentials of good photography.
  • Empower Her Girls Club  - This club will work with girls through social/emotional education and projects teaching them about leadership, self esteem, friendship, bullying, financial literacy, body image, healthy choices, and service.
  • Mock Trial - Students in grades seven and eight prepare for a "trial" complete with a judge, lawyers, witnesses, and defendants. Together, students prepare to "try" an assigned case. 
  • National Geographic Geography Bee - Annual geography bee with materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. Open to students in grades five through eight.
  • Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee - Annual spelling bee open to students in grades four through seven. 
  • Invention Convention - Fifth-grade participates in a state-wide program designed to develop, encourage, and enhance thinking skills through invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • UCONN - UCONN - Eighth-graders participate in GlobalEd; a world simulation project. 
  • Student Council - For students in grades six through eight. Student government aims to create harmonious relationships among the faculty, the administration, the student body, and community. Student council activities hold endless possibilities for enhancing the classroom curriculum and developing the students' skills both as leaders and followers. 
  • National Jr. Honor Society - Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a student at the end of his/her seventh-grade year. Selection for membership is based on outstanding scholarship, citizenship, character, leadership, and service. Acceptance is neither automatic nor guaranteed.
  • Coding Club Jr. - Coding Club Jr. is an after-school club for students in pre-kindergarten 4 through first grade. Introducing coding to students at a young age builds confidence for future success and fosters creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Coding Club - Coding Club is an after-school club for students in second through fifth grade. Introducing coding to students at a young age builds confidence for future success and fosters creative and critical thinking skills.
  • I Made It Myself Club - This club teaches fourth and fifth-graders how to knit and crochet.
  • Italian Club - This club introduces students in grades three through eight to vocabulary, common phrases, and dialogue. Students also learn customs and traditions of Italy, including sampling some Italian desserts.
  • Vex Robotics Club - A Vex Robotics Club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. This club gives students in fifth through seventh grade the opportunity to work together and problem solve in a fun and interactive environment.