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St. Rita School
...the place to be where the love of Christ is lived and shared.
Photo collage of Pre-K 3 & 4, Kindergarten, Catholic Heritage, Excellence, Elementary, and Middle School

St. Rita School Welcome Days

We are developing the schedule for our 2024–2025 Welcome Days for prospective families. Please check back here for more information which is coming soon.

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All three of our children had the privilege of attending Saint Rita School from 3-year-old Pre-K through 8th grade. Not only were our children academically strong due to the academic standards of Saint Rita’s, but also they were fortunate to receive a well-rounded education provided by caring and hardworking teachers and support staff. The Christian foundation and values that our children received at Saint Rita School are invaluable. Not only were they given a strong education but they had a loving and positive learning experience which was the stepping stone for their future high school, college, graduate school, and medical school experiences and success. Saint Rita School truly is "the place to be where the love of Christ is lived and shared." - St. Rita School Parent