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Play Like a Champion Today Virtual Summer Camp 3 week Virtual Youth Camp June 1-19, 2020

2020 Summer Camp

Virtual Summer Camp Provides Unique Opportunity for Play!

With youth sports interrupted across America and many summer camps shut down, Play Like a Champion is offering kids of all ages a chance to get moving and learn new skills. Our new virtual summer camp will take place from June 1 through 19, 2020, providing kids three weeks of fun and activity from the comfort of their own home. The camp will feature coaches from Play Like Champion partners leading kids in both rigorous exercise and sport-specific drills, as well as daily character development and fun!

Additional Information & Registration

Camp sessions will take place live Monday through Friday beginning at 11:00 a.m. EDT and last for approximately 90 minutes. The sessions will be available on-demand for attendees who cannot attend during the live broadcast or just can't get enough of the fun! A typical day will include the following:

  • Welcome and Joke of the Day - five minutes
  • Sport-Specific Training - 20 minutes
  • Cardio and General Movement Activities - 30 minutes
  • Character Development - 15 minutes
  • Mindfulness Exercise - 10 minutes
  • Closing Gratitude Exercise - five minutes

The sport-specific training portion of camp will include coaches leading workouts in a variety of sports that both hone traditional skills and encourage sports sampling. While designed around a popular sport, these workouts will be adaptable to any child's setup or equipment and focus on a wide range of exercises that will benefit kids playing any sports.

Making new friends is key to every camp experience. While attending this virtual camp, kids will have the opportunity to connect with other children from diverse neighborhoods all across the country. In addition, children who register will receive a camp kit in the mail with Play Like a Champion goodies including a player handbook that will facilitate growth in virtue, in concert with the character development component of the camp. The camp kit will also include our Parent Like a Champion manual so that parents get in on the fun with research-based educational content.

Play Like a Champion is making this virtual camp available for free because we believe that all children, regardless of their family’s economic circumstances, should be able to play sports and participate in summer camps, whether virtual or in-person. However, we are asking that those who are able will consider making a donation to Play Like a Champion so that we can continue pursuing our mission of providing a safe and supportive youth sports environment for all children.

There is a limit on spots available for this exciting new virtual camp, so register today and join us this June!