St. Rita School
...the place to be where the love of Christ is lived and shared.
1601 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06517
Phone: (203) 248.3114
Business Office: (203) 248.5513
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Academic Life

"We are so incredibly thankful for your wonderful faculty and staff that help guide our child academically and spiritually. Your love and devotion to the children and families of St. Rita School is a tremendous blessing."

From pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, our educational approach takes into account the academic, spiritual, social, and physical needs of each student. Our highly qualified teachers are personally interested in the success of each student who attends our school.


St. Rita School follows the recommended curriculum guidelines of the Archdiocese of Hartford in all subject areas. We offer a challenging curriculum that promotes interdependence and a love for learning. The administration and faculty are dedicated to maintaining excellence in each grade and subject area and have established a regular review and assessment of curriculum and textbooks. Students receive well-rounded instruction in physical education, health, art, technology skills, library skills, and music. Graduates of St. Rita continue with great success in their high schools of choice, often placing in the most challenging academic levels.

Learning Environment

At St. Rita School, students feel a real family spirit. It is a place where everyone cares about each other and a place where we give students room to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Students make friends for a lifetime, create special memories, strengthen their faith, and discover untapped talents and interests. Teachers and staff work together to provide a nurturing atmosphere where they recognize each student as an individual who is valued and treasured.