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Crusaders Corner Store

Crusaders Corner Store

The grand opening of the Crusaders Corner Store is on Thursday, October 4. The school store will be open every Thursday during all lunch periods. Items available in the store include:

  • Kind Kid CardsCrusader pennant - $5.00
  • St. Rita School carabiners in green, metallic red, metallic blue, orange and purple - $2.50 or 25 kind cards
  • Mood bracelets in pink-white, blue-white, red-white, green-yellow, purple-pink, and orange-yellow - $2 or 20 kind cards
  • Scent-Sational pencils in berry blue - $1 or 10 kind cards
  • Mood pencils in green-yellow, orange-yellow, blue-light blue, red-orange, and violet-pink - $1 or 10 kind cards
  • Crusaders plush puppy - $10
  • St. Rita baseball hats in adjustable sizes - $15
Catch the Spirit. Crusaders Corner Store.

We will allow students to purchase school store items during their lunch periods. Please send cash or checks in an envelope with your students. Parents can order online and will be billed through SMART tuition accounts.

Store Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers to be a part of our school store committee. Duties will include store keepers during select lunch time hours, school events, and more! Please email Carissa Civitello for more information.