St. Rita School
...the place to be where the love of Christ is lived and shared.
1601 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06517
Phone: (203) 248.3114
Business Office: (203) 248.5513

HSA Upcoming Events

We are excited to host the following upcoming events, and encourage you to join the fun on the helping end. Our students and staff thank you!


March 3 - Online Auction Ends

March 3 - Father and Daughter Dance

March 14 - Tuition Raffle

March 17 - Wacky Hair (No uniform today)

March 21 - Easter Pie


Tuition Raffle (Ongoing)

April 6 - Fashion Disaster Thursday (No Uniform Today

April 7 - Easter Pie Ends

April 27–29 SRS School Play (School House Rock)


Tuition Raffle (Ongoing)

May 5  - Movie Night (2016 Auction Winners)

May 10 - Plant Sale

May 12 - Mother and Son Night

May 19 - Wide World of Sports Fanatic Friday (No Uniform Today)